New Product


Dear Valued Customer,

Welcome to our new web-site.

As you scroll through the various screen, you will see and understand what solutions we bring to the blow molding industry.

We have been the premier extrusion head manufacturer since 1976. Our complex family of products attest that no matter how big the challenge, we can be your partner and meet your needs.
If a Coex application is needed with a centerdistance not yet built, or innovative color gradation solutions, we offer turnkey retrofit packages that allow for a cost effective and quick upgrade.
Because we can deliver these turnkey solutions, starting from the extrusion head, extruders and control units, we can convert your existing machines in the field to a multi–layer application from one single source.

Thanks to our employee’s dedication we strive to offer the best service this industry has to offer.

In these difficult times we continue to work hard to meet your needs and requests. After all, without you, we could not look back onto 33 years of success.

Thank you for your continued interest in our products.

Sincerely Yours,