Accumulator supported heads enable
a discontinuous production process and
are usually used for:

  • Technical components (e.g. car ventilation systems, air ducts)
  • Large containers (e.g. barrels, IBCs, storage tanks)
  • Containers with high parison weights
  • Sequential Co-Extrusion products (SeCo = the extrusion of different materials one after the other)
  • Processing of technical plastics
  • Bottles with color gradation effects

Furthermore, an extrusion head equipped with an upstream accumulator is also suitable for continuous extrusion due to an integrated bypass system, thus  ensuring a variety of application options.

      Accumulator sizes
      400 ml
      600 ml
      900 ml
      1.200 ml
      1.800 ml
      2.500 ml
      3.000 ml
      4.000 ml
      5.000 ml
      7.500 ml
      15.000 ml
      Accumulator sizes
      SK1/120/1,25 dm³
      SK1/120/1,8 dm³
      SK1/160/2,5 dm³
      SK1/200/4,0 dm³
      SK1/220/4,3 dm³
      SK1/300/6,5 dm³
      SK1/300/10 dm³
      SK2/160-320/2,5 dm³