MERC: Müller Extrusion Retrofit Control

To ensure the constant monitoring of your production processes, we offer various control concepts, customized to match our extruders and ex trusion head systems.
We provide fully equipped control cabinets, including a control panel, to enhance the functional capabilities of the existing control unit of a blow molding machine. Our MERC system (Müller Extrusion Retrofit Control), can be used with new blow molding machines or to retrofit existing ones. The MERC offers easy-to-use, self-explanatory user guidance, to assure you have everything under control at all times.

The MERC system has been designed specifically for multi-layer retrofitting and gives all the key extrusion functions. Thanks to the large 15” TFT display, it is possible to view and analyze key process data simultaneously. A highlight of  the MERC system is its ability to work with exact 3D graphic displays of the extrusion head and the extruders. This facilitates the operation of complex retrofits considerably.

As the name suggests, the mini-MERC is a smaller version of the MERC system designed for smaller retrofit solutions. This control consists of a 5.7” touch  screen PC and a mobile control cabinet, while stil offering all the basic functions required for extrusion.

Due to the WTC function (Wall Thickness Control), the mini-MERC can also be used as an extremely compact and cost-effective WTC retrofi t or as a replacement for outdated 19” rack programmers.

Equipment MERC mini-MERC
Display size 15" 5,7"
Touch operation
2D/3D graphic displays-
Trend curves -
Recipe management
User control
Extended user control-
Online help
Language options
Remote maintenance(Optional)
Maximum No. of heating zones220 30
Energy-saving heating ramps-
Set-point switchover
Self optimization
Heating current monitoring
Heating circuit monitoring
Extruder control
Maximum No. of extruders82
Start-up programs-
Rinse programs -
Speed monitoring
Melt pressure monitoring
Screen changer control-
Hopper slide control
Hopper monitoring
Screw tip cooling-
Synchronous adjustment-
Parison manipulation
Maximum No. of channels182
Support air
Profile points per channel100100
Marker points per channel100100
Interpolated points per channel400400