Who we are and what we do

W. MÜLLER USA, Inc. was founded in May 1997 and is part of a multinational organization that is privately owned by the Muller family. W. Müller specializes in the design and manufacturing of extrusion heads for blow molding machines, including satellite extruders and control systems. Since 1976 W. Müller has been known as the premier extrusion head manufacturer in the industry.

Following company tradition, we continue to offer innovation in blow molding, coupled with superior customer service. From our 6,500 square foot facility in Western Massachusetts we serve a rapidly growing customer base in North, Central and South America. With our large in-house spare parts inventory and technical support staff, we respond quickly in this fast moving and rapidly changing business environment.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art 7-layer co-extrusion blow molding machine for sampling and product development, we are a valuable resource to clients searching for new business opportunities. 
The most important goal for the W. Müller companies has been and always will be the satisfaction of our customers.

Our Philosophy

Our customer’s satisfaction is the catalyst for us to continually develop new and improved applications.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, low maintenance and user friendly products, as well as superior customer service.

Customer’s always need ongoing support.  We  offer fast and competent advice for troubleshooting, short reaction times for spare part deliveries, as well as on-site technical support, when required.  

Modern manufacturing according to certified quality standards, qualified technicians and an extensive spare parts inventory are the foundation for us to assure our customer’s receive superior products and service. 

In addition, all of our employees engage in continuous training programs, thus we are prepared for the future.

W. MÜLLER GmbH – Experience, Quality, Reliability!