Areas of Application

Many household products are blow-molded:

  • High production volumes determine the choice of the Extrusion heads and extruders
  • To minimize the use of materials, the bottles are often very thin-walled
  • Especially in this case it is important to pay attention to a precise material distribution, which requires good control, to ensure that the packaging does not lose quality.
  • This guarantees efficient material utilization, without losing this quality.

There are various requirements in the production of food packaging:

  • Food packaging has to protect the contents, it has to be transportable and often stackable, so it can also withstand high loads.
  • At the same time, the packaging Needs to be visually appearing so the customer reaches for it in the supermarket.
  • Some foods are additionally protected from light and oxygen by special barrier properties of their packaging, to help preserve the filled product.
  • A desirable side effect is the cost-effective production of the packaging.

Medical and pharmaceutical packaging:

  • When it comes to health, there are particularly strict guidelines. So it is even more important that you can rely on your production appliances.
  • You achieve this reliability through a clean room condition in production, where sterility is guaranteed and through a control system which allows you to Keep an eye on your production all the time. We are happy to assist you with the realization of your needs.
  • Varying requirements on container properties are always considered and optimized.


  • The appearance of packaging of your products should support their high quality and exclusivity
  • Beauty has to be seen as a concept here, the appearance of the bottles is projected onto the effectiveness of the product. There is no other area, the appearance of the packaging is so essential.
  • By using specific raw materials or combinations of them you are able to create different appearances, e.g. glass-linke bottles, very shiny, bright bottles or bottles with pleasant haptic such as "soft-touch".
  • We adopt your specific requirements and implement them 1:1.