MERC: Müller Extrusion Retrofit Control

To provide complete control of blow molding processes, we offer several control concepts customized for our extruder and extrusion head systems.

We deliver fully equipped electrical cabinets, including control panels, adding to the functions of an existing machine control system. Our MERC (Müller Extrusion Retrofit Control) is available for new blow molding machines and as a retrofit of existing equipment. The MERC provides easy-to use, self-explanatory operator guidance and assures complete control at all times.

The MERC was designed especially for multilayer retrofits and provides control of all key extrusion functions. Thanks to its 15-21” TFT screen, all required process data can be viewed simultaneously. Again, a highlight of the MERC system is its ability to display 3D graphics of the extrusion head and the extruders simplifying even the operation of complex retrofit solutions.

With its high-quality, intuitive user interface, the MERC lends itself not only to retrofits, but is also supplied as an addition to the control systems of new machines if a clear separation between extrusion and machine functions is desired.

As the name suggests, the miniMERC is a MERC system with fewer features for simpler retrofits. The miniMERC system consists of a 7” touch screen PC in a mobile enclosure, which still provides all basic functions required for the extrusion. A highlight of the miniMERC are screen pages with 3D graphics, matching exactly the extrusion head and the extruders being controlled. This simplifies operation considerably.

Using its wall thickness control (WTC) capabilities, the miniMERC can also serve as a compact and cost-effective retrofit, replacing any outdated rack-style parison programmer.

Menu Page
Head page

miniWTC 19“

Rear Panel

This is a simple, compact and easy to install solution to replace 19” rack programmers that are defective, or no longer supported by their manufacturers. Initially designed to replace MOOG programmers, all connections match those of the original Moog labeling. However, other programmers from manufacturers such as PSG, Hunkar, Fermit, etc. can be replaced with the miniWTC 19” just as easily. An exchange will only take 30 minutes at the most.

The advantages of the miniWTC19”:

  • 2 separate WTC channels
  • 100 Profile points (400 interpolated)
  • 100 marker points
  • Graphical actual value display (Quality control)
  • Tolerance monitoring (Quality control)
  • Parison length control
  • Recipe management
  • Language options
EquipmentminiWTC 19" miniMERC v2.0MERC v2.0
Display size5,7"7"15 - 21"
Touch operation
2D/3D graphic displays-
Trend curves--
Recipe management
User control
Extended user control--
Online help--
Language options
Remote maintenance-Optional
Maximum no. of heating zones-40220
> Head zones-2060
> Extruder zones-1020
Energy-saving heating ramps-
Set-point switchover-
Heating current monitoring-
Heating circuit monitoring-
Extruder control
Maximum no. of extruders-28
Start-up programs--
Purge programs--
Speed monitoring-
Melt pressure monitoring-
Screen changer control-
Hopper slide control-
Hopper monitoring-
Screw tip cooling--
Synchronous adjustment--
Process overview--
Parison manipulation
Maximum no. of channels2318
Support air
Profile points per channel100100100
Marker points per channel100100100
Interpolated points per channel400400400
Parison length control


 • standard - not available