Products and solutions that ensure we are your competent partner:

  • High-level of customization, designed for customer demands, tried and tested in 24/7 operation.
  • We bring your ideas to life in a practical, functional way and provide the necessary support throughout the product’s entire lifecycle.
  • Our experienced customer service engineers always provide friendly, efficient, and effective support.
  • We offer prompt delivery and installation worldwide.
  • The demands of production stability and functional reliability are always met, even with complex new developments.
  • Our extrusion heads ensure excellent uniform distribution, precise melt transport, and short color-change intervals for all blow molding plastics.
  • We maintain a large inventory and prompt availability of all spare parts.
  • Our in-house design and production capacity ensures the highest quality for all  our products and services.


All our products are designed for long-term performance
and in comparison always the most cost-effective solution!