Truly performing.

Truly Performing

The founding of W. MÜLLER in 1976 was a big step for Willi and Karin Müller and they had a clear goal: "We want to develop a better technology for our customers!" Their mission was to use low maintenance components to make the blow molding process more reliable and easier to operate. While at the same time evolving the process, preparing for new materials, updated article designs and barrier requirements. In short, pushing the boundaries.
The same spirit behind the founding of the W. MÜLLER is still alive today. Presently siblings Brigitte and Christian Müller run the company together and continue to strengthen the MÜLLER standards within the industry.

Control concepts are constantly being developed for user-friendly applications. Production has the same high-quality standards as it did in 1976. In-house manufacturing continues exclusively in Germany, with the highest standards of craftsmanship, without compromise.
Even the best products will only deliver top performance, if maintained properly with the suggested maintenance and accurate usage. The Academy at W. MÜLLER was founded based on this realization. Our company's vast  wealth of knowledge is passed on to our employees and to inquisitive people from the industry, during topic-related training courses. The Academy also serves as a meeting place for the industry and offers a space for exchanging information on current topics related to plastics processing.

The ambitious goals of the first and second generation, and the motivation for further development, led to the establishment of the technical center. Today it is used on a large scale by customers for research and development (R&D), process optimization, and material and design testing. In addition, many material manufacturers visit the lab frequently.
In 1997, W. MÜLLER opened  a subsidiary in the United States. The goal was to provide the same exceptional customer support in sales and service in the American market. To achieve this, a technical center was established in Massachusetts. Today, W. MÜLLER USA, Inc. is firmly established and a strongly recognized player in the Americas.
To this day, the important idea of Willi and Karin Müller is still our focus and the mission of every employee: "We will make it work!" - Truly performing.


Durable and sustainable

For us, the term sustainability has many factors and is an important part of our actions.
In the ecological sense, the processing of recycled material is vital in the approach to reduce the environmental impact of plastics. We have been supporting this concept for an extensive period of time with our technical developments for processing recycled material. Our ReCo technology using PCR (postconsumer recycled material) can be easily inserted without the use of an adhesive layer. We plan to go further with this technology and are working on developments for processing PCR in food packaging.
You can read more about this in our blog under the "Plastics and Sustainability" section.

For us sustainability also means consistency. We believe in the value of long-term customer relationships and a solid collaboration. We benefit from these relationships, as we continue to pass on our immense wealth of knowledge from generation to generation and continue to offer the right solutions.
This is not difficult for us, because our team is just as consistent and future oriented as our products.
We remain true to our values! We faithfully keep our promises and help where we can.
This is what makes a sustainably strong team.



Understanding, gratitude and respectful interaction with each other is important to us. Appreciation for a strong team that always sticks together and demonstrates consistency, even in times of crisis is what we live by.

For more than 40 years, we have been training young adults in a wide variety of professions, it is not unusual for young colleagues to stay with our company to continue their career advancement - gladly with our support and encouragement. We do not discriminate against gender or origin. Those who are committed, get the chance they deserve.