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Our technology portfolio

We offer advanced technological solutions which will meet your requirements, whether you are working with single-layer, multi-layer or foamed blown parts. Our technical knowledge makes systems possible, which are flexible with the use of many materials. This results in precisely fitting products, which consume no more material than necessary, are recyclable and lightweight, and guarantee stable and safe handling. Due to the precise use of materials, extrusion blow molding helps save raw materials, further reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. There are no intermediary transport chains, and recycling of this packaging requires less energy than the recycling of other packaging materials.

Layer Technologies

Mono layer

Blowing a mono layer is the most straightforward method and offers many advantages: The bodies and containers are easy to recycle and can be produced quickly and easily on equipment that is not too complex, with up to 24 cavities. 

In the case of colored containers, all material must be colored, which is very costly. The addition of regenerates and post-consumer recyclare is possible, however this brings considerable disadvantages. Color deviations are just one of many negative aspects since the virgin filling material is mixed with recycled or scrap material during a later production stage.

DeCo / ReCo

DeCo and ReCo technologies are currently taking on a major role in the development of the recyclability of blown plastic parts. Using a main layer of regrind and/or PCR (Post Consumer Recyclate), allows large amounts of recycled material to be incorporated into new blown containers. This makes the finished article cost effective and more sustainable, which is an important step for a circular economy.  

The main layer can account for up to 80% of the total wall thickness of the blown part, dependent on the application. A dyed outer layer is applied, which continues to make your blown article competitive by providing a flawless appearance, an inner layer of virgin material separates the recycled material from the filling good. A thin dyed outer layer saves masterbatch and costs.  
Less masterbatch ensures better recyclability.  


CoEx technology is used when your blown parts should or must meet special properties. In this process, layers of different plastics are bonded together by adhesion promoters so that the blown parts can solve various problems. 
The shelf life of food is extended by using oxygen barriers, while the dispersion of filling goods into the environment is stopped by barrier layers, the combination of different materials and additives can present an optical difference and an upgrade of your containers, which is particularly important in the cosmetics industry. 

Very thin and extremely uniform barrier layers can be created with our die heads, both with single and multiple parisons. In a 6-layer configuration, the barrier remains below 5% of the total wall thickness, and the container remains fully recyclable. 

Head technologies

Torpedo and spider-leg mandrel

Our standard technology for extrusion heads, which we are constantly modernizing, proves with its simple and short design, its fast color change times, and large throughput range. This technology is standard for mono-layer heads. There are differences in the position and number of legs, which are designed depending on the melt material used in production.

Heart shape pinola

Our heart shape technology is suitable for all polyolefins and is mainly used for multilayer heads. Dependent on the design, there are different variations in terms of the number and design of the heart curves, which are individually calculated and manufactured at our company.

Spiral pinola

Spiral pinolas deliver the material by means of revolving spirals on the pinola and are mainly used for multilayer heads. Any rotation of the parison is compensated by counter-rotation in another layer or on the same pinola. Compared to heart curve pinolas, spiral pinolas, avoid a specific meeting point of the material and are specifically and geometrically designed according to the flow rate and applied melt material.

Ring distributors

Our patented ring distributor system allows the creation of a high throughput parison within a very small space by using spiral pinolas. This technology is used in multi-layer accumulator heads or for gradient color applications.

Extrusion technology

In contrast to the current trend of high-speed screws, our extruder designs are based on smaller diameters to achieve a more perfect melt, at a slower speed while, at the same time, being able to cover a wide range of throughputs and materials. With slightly grooved feed zones and a 3-zone screw, simple and low-maintenance extruders can be produced and driven by a highly efficient motor/gear unit - without noisy and energy-guzzling V-belts. For higher throughput ranges, we use grooved feed zones with 3-zone or barrier screws, depending on the application and requirements. Mixers in addition to the use of rheology provide optimally matched connecting pieces. Our static and dynamic mixers, connectors and screen changers complete the range.

Eye-catching technologies


Our color gradation technology offers you the possibility to produce a two-colored container. Never-ending creativity options allow for great advertising effectiveness of your blown parts. Additional color layers are applied to a continuously produced parison using our material accumulators, producing different effects.

Segment bottles

You can create unique blown parts with our technology for segmented bottles. There are no limits to the possibilities of color combinations and your creativity. It does not matter whether the blown articles are divided into two, four or more segments. This technology is also possible in a multi-layer process and offers even more individuality. Whether for seasonal production or limited editions, nothing is impossible, and your blown articles will be the eye-catchers of any store!

Glass optics

It looks like glass, it feels like glass, it is just as transparent as glass. It is lighter and does not break. If you want to produce high quality packaging for your cosmetic products, you should be able to benefit from these advantages!


Significant material and weight savings can be achieved through our foaming process. Using ReCo3 technology a stable foamed middle layer is created by adding nitrogen and talc. Chemical additives are not used during this process. 

The mechanical properties of the blown part remain stable.

What is possible

  • Color gradation 
  • View stripes 
  • Color change 
  • Segmented bottles 
  • special colors 
  • glass optics 
  • your ideas