Hollow blow molding thrives on new challenges, requirements and wishes for new packaging. In this blog, we present exciting projects, new technologies and materials, as well as reports from our customers.

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USA Plastics and sustainability | 22. April 2024
New screen changer enables sustainable use of recyclate

The blow molding specialist W. MÜLLER has developed a new generation of screen changers for its extruders in extrusion blow molding. It is designed to be particularly space-saving. It is also suitable for installation in vertically oriented extruders, can easily be retrofitted and operated safely. When using PCR, a screen changer is recommended.

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USA FAIRS | 29. January 2024
ABC Conference 2024

Blow molding is a manufacturing process for forming hollow industrial parts and containers out of thermoplastic materials. The ABC is interested in all aspects of blow molding: ranging from machinery, tooling, and auxiliary equipment, to polymer properties, processing, and fabricated part testing.

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USA FAIRS | 25. August 2023
Meeting you in Orlando for NPE!

It's NPE again! NPE is the largest plastics trade show in the Americas and one of the most innovative business events in the world.

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USA FAIRS | 25. August 2023
We will exhibit at the ABC Conference!

Welcome to the 38th division of the Annoual Blow Molding Conference in Chicago!

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USA Extrusion blow molding | 29. June 2023
New service offering ensures the highest performance from our equipment

As part of our 2023 service initiatives, W. MÜLLER USA, Inc. is proudly introducing comprehensive options that include: Spare Part Packages, Maintenance Contracts, Refurbishments, Retrofits and Lab Services. These service initiatives help support the blow molding industry further and pave the way for more accessible applications and solutions.

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USA Plastics and sustainability | 22. June 2022
Lighter, faster and more efficient

The blow molding specialist W. MÜLLER has optimized the production process for plastic bottles with its technology for packaging manufacturer Flestic. Equipped with new extrusion heads, on existing machinery material consumption was reduced while maintaining the same quality, as well as reducing cycle time and energy consumption.

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USA Plastics and sustainability | 18. March 2021
PCR in cosmetics packaging? It's all a question of technology.

The blow molding specialist W.MÜLLER has tested two methods for the use of post-consumer recyclates (PCR) in packaging. In the first examined variant, the PCR layer is surrounded by two layers of new material, the second variant is shielded with an internal plasmacoating. Both variants had significantly lower migration values than hollow bodies made of pure PCR.

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USA Company | 15. February 2021
In conversation with Varinia Ruano

Varinia Ruano has been head of the W. MÜLLER technical center since January 2021. In this interview, she explains what she is currently working on, what needs to be considered when using recycled material for blow-molded containers, and what distinguishes W. MÜLLER as an employer for her.

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USA Company | 28. January 2021
New Head of Technical Center wants to promote digitization and recyclate use

Troisdorf, 28 January 2021. Varinia Ruano took over the position of Head of the Technical Center at W. MÜLLER GmbH, a specialist in extrusion blow molding, at the beginning of the year. The engineer wants above all to develop and establish sustainable technologies and digital processes.

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USA Company | 23. December 2020
Christmas 2020

This year we have made our Christmas budget available to the company PLANT-MY-TREE, ­­which with our investment will plant 2.569 trees in two growing areas in Germany and thus contributes to the much-needed afforestation in Germany.

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USA Plastics and sustainability | 01. October 2020
Sample bottles

How to demonstrate the versatility of our extrusion heads better than with the produced products?

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USA Extrusion blow molding | 01. October 2020
Webinar series goes into the second round

In May, W. MÜLLER, a specialist for extrusion die heads and extruders, began offering virtual seminars for its customers and business partners.

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USA Extrusion blow molding | 18. May 2020
W. MÜLLER launches training center – W. MÜLLER ACADEMY

The German specialist for extrusion blow molding technology will launch its first webinar on May 28.

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USA Company | 01. April 2020

Under the motto "Plastics connect - An industry sticks together," our Managing Director Brigitte Müller was a guest on Plas.TV.

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USA Company | 01. March 2020
There's always a demand for quality

Johannes Schwarz has been head of sales at W. MÜLLER GmbH, manufacturer of heads for extrusion blow moulding, since February 2020.

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Unternehmen | 02. December 2019
Offsetting our long-haul flights

This year, for the second time, we have decided not to send Christmas presents around the world.

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USA Company | 04. February 2019
A clever carnival initiative

W. MÜLLER apprentices fulfil orders independently, and in so doing support local carnival associations.

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USA Company | 03. December 2018
Grip instead of suffer!

Supporting entrepreneurship in poorer countries: For Brigitte and Christian Müller, the decisive key to a world with less poverty

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USA Extrusion blow molding | 09. April 2018
New coating substantially accelerates color change

W. MÜLLER, technology leader in the development of customer-specific special solutions for blow molding technology, was able to further reduce the already fast color change times of its popular extrusion die heads.

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USA Company | 01. December 2017
Convincing instead of deciding

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Kandt has been Director Business Development at W. MÜLLER since October.

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USA Company | 31. August 2017
Significant movement in the market

Interview with Dipl.-Ing. Christian Müller, Managing Director of W. MÜLLER GmbH

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USA Company | 03. July 2017
Interview with Jens Schlueter, General Manager W. MÜLLER USA, Inc.

"We will have a smooth transition!"

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