Sample bottles

USA Plastics and sustainability | 01. October 2020

How to demonstrate the versatility of our extrusion heads better than with the produced products?

What better way to demonstrate the versatility of our extrusion heads and their quality than by the products they produce? 
"May we show what we can do?" 
We have developed three different sample bags that demonstrate the versatility and our high quality standards for you using bottle samples. And they are practical, too! That's because our samples are just big enough to be perfect to use for your grooming products when you travel. They have a capacity of 70 ml and come in a 1-liter toiletry bag, which is approved for carrying in hand luggage when travelling by air. The bags have three different themes: CoEx, Eye-Catcher and Sustainability. In each of the three theme bags there are four bottles, each with their own special characteristics given to them by the hose head on which they can be produced. A W. MÜLLER tube head. 

You can request the sample bags from us as proof of quality. We will then be happy to talk to you personally about your individual requirements for a hose head and make you an offer. Convince yourself! 

Request sample here:

Here download the specifications of each bottle.