The special requirements placed on the product characteristics demand particular expertise in extrusion technologies and materials, including the extrusion head. Examples of these product characteristics are:

  • Refined surface finish for a high-quality appearance or as pre-treatment for special printing techniques
  • Material cost savings due to the application of expensive pigments in a thin outer layer
  • Material cost savings due to the integration of recycled resin or the integration of a material mixed with calcium carbonate (chalk) in a separate layer
  • Utilization of bio-plastics in a separate layer
  • Barrier properties to protect the product against oxidation or to protect the environment against the migration of aggressive products
  • Insertion of a conductive layer to prevent electrostatic discharges if the container is intended for explosive products

We offer proven solutions with multi-layer extrusion heads for up to seven  material layers for every area of application. Needless to say, all extrusion heads are also available for multi cavity molding systems. For many applications it is also possible to integrate a transparent section in the layer structure, without impairing the product properties at this specific point.

Extrusion headDie diameter fromDie diameter up toNo. of parisons up to
Mono-layer25 mm650 mm24
DeCo 2-layer25 mm650 mm24
ReCo 3-layer35 mm650 mm24
CoEx 3-layer35 mm650 mm16
CoEx 4-layer35 mm650 mm16
CoEx 5-layer35 mm650 mm16
CoEx 6-layer35 mm650 mm16
CoEx 7-layer35 mm650 mm16